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Edge Hill University United Kingdom
53.559683, -2.87385
Topic Accommodation/Campus

Edge Hill University (Ormskirk, England) there are a good offers of accommodation. The cheaper one is around 82 pounds per week and it is the one where I am staying. The most expensive one is around 112 pounds per week. The prizes are closely related with the advantages of having or not an individual bathroom or having or not having a personal computer/television in your room provided by the University.

I would recommend people to live on the Campus. Edge Hill has an amazing Campus and it is always full of people. There is a supermarket inside the same University where you can buy the basic things to survive. There are also different points where you can buy food and eat it. The best thing of living on the Campus is the ease way to find people and meet with them. Living outside the Campus could be cheaper –it would always depend of where you are staying-, but it is going to be more difficult to be in contact with people.

The only problem to live on the Campus is that accommodation’s contract expires on middle of June and the classes finish on beginning of May. There is then one month where you are in England without much to do. In my case, I bought my flight back to Spain on the middle of May. In consequence I am going to lose the money of this last month because there is no way by the University to pay you the money back –usually you pay for a contract of 20 or 40 weeks. It is going to depend the semesters you stay here.

As a personal recommendation, if you are thinking to travel around England/Scotland I would save money for your last month staying in England and taking advantage of the accommodation on the Campus to use it as a meeting point to start the trips.

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