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Conditions of study
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Topic Working Environment @Karls

The working environment at Karlshochschule is very friendly. The pure material circumstances offered to you invite to spend time at the university, whether to just hang out or get some work done (with your most likely intercultural team).

You have the Karlscafe on the third floor; and with its hot drinks, couches, a pool table and a big roof terrace it invites to stay. Allover the three floos of Karlshochschule actually you will find more couches and little places where to hang out in breaks or just take a comfortable seat. The lecture rooms are often free on weekends, and they provide you everything you need to have a creatively productive session (whether it is all varieties of sheets of paper or a blackboard to express your ideas on).

When studying at Karlshochschule you will find yourself working a lot in groups, as group work is a leading paradigm at Karls.This can certainly be frustrating from time to time, as it seems to be more time intensive and one has to find compromises all the time, but it is a much more social way of working than doing everything on your own. This way you learn a lot about the people around you and their working styles, and you will find yourself with much better result-orientated social skills at the end of your time here.

Another thing is that the Karls puts a heavy emphasis on interculturality; many people here are from many different countries. Despite the fact that the slight majority is (yet) the German students, you will find yourself working with Italian, Japanese, Korean, US American ,... students. And that as well can be quite a challenge sometimes, as everybody has different expectations/ways of working on the same thing.

But be assured, the Karls offers an environment for you where you can happily accept these challenges and work on your own group-orientated intercultural set of skills. Its premises invite to stay and hang out, and most importantly, make friends.

Hope to see you soon at Karlshochschule!

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