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Intercultural Challenges
Language norms / Use of titels
IUT Paul Sabatier
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Topic Communication conventions
Although there isn't a big cultural difference between Toulouse and Kortrijk there are some differences in communication. These are some of things I learned from my experience up until now:
  • The greeting: In beglium mostly two boys just shake hands, a boy and a girl give one kiss on the cheek and two girls also give one kiss on the cheek. However in Toulouse i found this to be different. Here everyone greets with, not one, but two kisses. No matter if it's a boy or a girl.
  • E-mails: I also found that e-mails with teachers are, most of the time, more informal than in Belgium. I actually think this is a better way of communicating with teachers.
  • Ending a conversation: in Belgium, to end a conversation, I mostly say: "Salu" meaning just "goodbye". People in Toulouse also begin with "au revoir" but will mostly also wish a good day or just wish you well.
These are three things I already learned since my stay here in Toulouse.
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