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Intercultural Challenges
Learning the language
Universität Wien
48.213185, 16.36005
Topic German course

If you want to learn german in Vienna you have great opportunity. You can find any level, from beginning to advanced, there are also diffrent types of courses ex. February intensive course, summer course, trimester course, semester course etc. You can find prices and all important informations at website: https://sprachenzentrum.univie.ac.at/en/?begonneneKurse=0  NOTE: there are many people who want to take part in german classes, so it is better to sign for course immediately after registration opening. NOTE: there are great discounts for the Erasmus (or exchange) students for some of the courses. I took part in februar intensive course which was for 280 euro, but after course i got 200 euro refund, just go to the office and ask for details!

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