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Intercultural Challenges
Language norms / Use of titels
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Titels? No, we are equal!

It was so strange. It truly was. But when you get used to it seems really nice and creates the atmosphere of trust and friendliness.

What am I talking about? The answer is the informality of the Swedish language. As Sweden is the country where the equality is highly appreciated the titles are out of use. Teachers come to the classroom and introduce themselves by name. 

And that is the way how you should address them. No title ever mentioned. So, you can go throughout whole course without even knowing your teachers degree.

And it is not even about the titles. It is the conversation itself. Hearing how are you? How was your day? How do you like Sweden? instead of normal "How can I help you?" is the normal Swedish way of starting conversation. Lot of people are smiling and addressing you by your name. Seeing Hi Martina! at the beginning of official e-mail is nothing unusual.

Yes, maybe a bit strange, but don't you feel more accepted and free to speak up. I certainly do.

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