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Intercultural Challenges
Learning the language
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Tricky words
Description As in any language Swedish has some tricky words - the words which look the same as f.e. English words but mean something completely different.

Here, I just want to share with you one of them - 'gift'. Yes, it looks and sounds like a thing you get for birthday or Christmas. But its meaning in Swedish is not even close. And very curios at the same time as it has two meanings at the same time. 

It means married when use as adjective and poison when used as a noun. Is it accident? Or Swedes want to teach as something about "Swedish sexual liberation"? :D This is a puzzle that even Swedes do not know how to solve.

Who knows any other tricky or weird words in Swedish?

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