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Intercultural Challenges
Learning the language
Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic What's this weird sound?
Description Finally, the first few days are over and I'm more or less settled. So, it is time to do a bit of sightseeing. What I do is to take a train to T-centralen where I can catch a metro to Slussen. Because what I really want to do is to see the famous view from Gondolen. Sounds nice, right?

But, as always when I am in new unfamiliar place I got lost. It is even harder here in Stockholm, cause every metro station has at least two different exits and T-centralen is just huge. As a result, I have landed in the street, which name I can't even pronounce and which is definitely not on my google maps print screen. What do I do then?

The most obvious solution is to ask some local. But Stockholm at this time of the day seem to be completely deserted. In the end, I spotted one guy with the earphones. Yes, I am saved! Ok, maybe not. Because when I am saying my "excuse me" the guy just give me the weird look saying "why are you talking to me?!" and continue walking. I am left alone once again.

But right before totally giving up I see one blonde girl. I try again with my "excuse me". This time it works. The girl smiles very friendly and explains to me how to find the entrance to Gondolen. When she finishes I just want to make sure if I understood correctly, so I repeat and ask her if I am right.

Unexpectedly, what she does in reply is a very weird sound. Is she OK? Maybe she is choking? Or have asthma? Should I help? But she is standing there completely fine and keeps smiling. And me? Just staring at her completely confused. She probably spotted it, cause she repeats her weird sound and saying that I am "precis". So, I say thank you and follow her advice.

But the confusion sticks with me through the whole trip. To find my peace I have to google it. It turns out to be problematic, cause how can I even spell this weird sound. But in the end I succeed - the weird sound turns out to be the Swedish way of saying yes. 

So, for you not to be confused when you come I am adding this video. That is how Swedes in the north are saying yes. Enjoy!

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