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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Seminars

Never felt so exposed...

Yes, that is exactly how I felt when entering the classroom for the first time. At my home university the most popular form of teaching are lectures with around one hundred people present at the lecture hall. And even if we have seminars there are still around 30 people there with you. Here in Sweden, 15 is normal, 8 is average and 30 extremely rare. And with eight people there is no way to hide. Everyone know your name and there is time for everybody to present his point of view. That what Swedish educational system is about - talking, discussing and exchanging views. With classrooms adapted to this need - chairs arranged in circle and teacher as a part of this group. Comfort zone (a little bit like AA meting was my first impression) - and yet I felt so unbearably uncomfortable. But how would you feel in a place like this?


But when I finally overcome my fear of public speaking my comfort zone magically widen. Moreover, I learned to think critically and not only read but also analyze that what's the subject of the reading. I also learned to more freely express my opinion and to respect others point of view. So, dear future exchange students stay open minded and get ready to be expose. Ready to learn and discus what you have already learned.

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