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Leisure activities (my top 5)
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Freiburg im Breisgau
47.9935441, 7.84594960000004
Topic From Freiburg to EuropaPark

If you don't mind riding upside down and all the roller coaster, then EuropaPark is just for you. The amusment park is located near Freiburg and you can easily get there by train&bus. First buy the ticket for bus from Ringsheim to EuropaPark in Südbadenbus Info Point jusy by the main train station in Freiburg. The ticket (both ways) costs 5 EUR. Then you go with a train to Ringsheim (free with your Semesterticket) and there you take the bus which takes you direct to EuropaPark. I suggest to buy the ticket to EuropaPark (49.5 EUR-daily pass) via Internet, so you won't need to line for it. And if you can, don't go during weekend or holiday as it's super crowded. You better on one of the weekdays.

More info and timetables here: http://www.suedbadenbus.de/suedbadenbus/view/angebot/buslinien/europabus.shtml

Here you can buy the bus ticket

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