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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Writing assistance

Non discrimination = assistance for everyone

As you might already know Sweden is all about equality (or at least that what their are aiming for). Therefore, no-one can be discriminated. And it apply not only to people with disabilities but also to ones with studding difficulties. So if you do not know how to organize studying or what study techniques you should use or have problem with concentration and do not know how to solve it you can count either on your private mentor (assigned if needed by mentor-ship program. And yes, you heard well - they are paid for it 115 sek per hour = 12 euros), or you can contact The Study Support Unit located in the library, who will help you when it comes to academic writing, speaking or study techniques. As far as I understood, it actually mean that they will hear your powerpoint presentation or check your essay if you do not feel confident about it. 

My first impression was "is this university or a primary school?" but now I changed my mind as I met people responsible for mentorship program. They told us a story similar to one of the "pretty mind" movie about a guy who is brilliant speaker and over-average intelligent person but during exams panic and is not able to pass them. Such initiatives like this help people with studying difficulties to become part of academic life and prevent exclusion according to the rule "nobody should be left behind". This is definitely one of those things which I like about Sweden most.

What an ordinary student can have out of it? On the library page one can find detailed information how to correctly write an academic essay and how to correctly make different kinds of references. Believe me in Sweden it is a kind of knowledge worth it weight in gold. So here is how to find it:

1) go to library page

2) click on the search and writing assistance button as indicated by red framework

writing assistance on library page

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