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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Keeping distance

After few weeks spent in Sweden I spotted one rule of behavior, which seems to be universally acknowledged - "keep your distance". It means that if the contact with other person is not necessary try to avoid it. 

From my personal experience the rule apply not only to smiling and saying "hello" to strangers on the street (the look they will give you explains everything), preference for self-service cash at supermarket and unspoken rule of keeping 2 meters distance while waiting for the bus but also to the use of the library.

It works really simply. If automate can do this one do not have to speak to each other. And Sweden amazed me in proving how many things can be done by thoughtless robots. Coming back to library it works like this - you search the book on the internet, look for it on the shelf, go to the check-out machine and register what you want to borrow, take confirmation and go out. When returning - nothing more simple. Just go to the check-in machine, lay your books on conveyor belt and go out. 

To tell the true, I am still not sure if somebody is actually working in this library. And yes, it is quick and useful, but at the same time a little terrifying. Maybe, it is just me but I actually miss personal contact and simply saying "hello".  

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