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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
University of Agder (Kristiansand)
58.163497, 8.003084
Topic Erasmus Student Network in Kristiansand

The university’s largest society is the international society Erasmus Student Network or ESN for short. The group consists of the international students studying in UiA for one or two semesters and some Norwegians students who are involved in facilitating and helping the international students during their time in Norway. The international students are separated into small groups of ten people with one or two Norwegians as the group’s Buddy. This is to insure every student gets to know one another and feels more comfortable in the new university. ESN organize trips all over Norway throughout the year and these are fantastic ways to see the country. Every week there is an international pub night in Østsia organized by ESN, where international students must give a small presentation about their home country to their fellow international students. This is a fun way to get to know other countries and people can be as creative with their presentations as they like. Some students bring food from their home country for people to try, they may encourage the audience to participate in traditional dances, or they may simply show beautiful pictures of their home country. Every week there is also a games night in Østsia, where there are many different board and cards games available for anyone who wants to just go and play a game with their friends. The bar also has two pool tables and hosts many of the ESN international themed parties throughout the year.


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