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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
Tecnológico de Monterrey
25.654642, -100.294266
Topic Interaction between professor and students

It was the first day of my experience in the exchange university - Tec de Monterrey. I was about to have my first lecture. To be sure, I will find the location, I came a little early. In a cosy colourful classroom, there were already few local students and one foreign student like me. I sat next to her, and right after Mexican students started asking us questions, welcoming us and telling how happy they were that they are having internationals in the class. After getting to know each other, me and the other foreign girl from France started observing the classroom. 

Suddenly the professor came in and the Mexican girls started screaming like crazy running to hug her. We were both (the foreign girls) shocked, knowing that in our countries (Lithuania and France) the interaction between professors and students is definitely more formal. However, it surprised us in a good way, especially after participating in few more classes it was clear that the communication between the professor and students was perfectly balanced - professor is the joyful person, always there to help you, but also the one you truly respect. 

That time after around 15 minutes (the class has been already started) a girl took out her lunch and started eating, everyone acted as nothing had happened, it was the second unusual thing that I observed that day and many more came after...

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