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Södertörns högskola
59.219476, 17.943318
Topic Ubiquitous silence

Before I came to Swede I knew that Swedes are considered to be reserved and quiet and that Sweden is most famous for its nature, but still I am surprised how peaceful and quiet this place is.

Even in the city center you will hear birds twitter more often than any other noise. The streets are rarely full of people and even if they are there is still more silent that you would expect. Normal buzz and hum of the city is something what is lacking and what makes Stockholm such different from many others capital cities. The only noise ubiquitous here is the one of the wind.

And it is not only my feeling. My friend visited me recently and you know what did she say. She say that what is missing are the dogs. And it is not because there are no dogs. They are simply not barking. And even the children are not so loud and crying as in Poland. Does Swedish reserve apply also to kids and animals? I do not know. But what is the striking fact is the silence of the public transport. Almost nobody is talking there and that makes you feel as you shouldn't neither. 

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