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My first week
Brno University of Technology
49.20171999999999, 16.603316800000016
Topic My first week at BRNO and institutional life

I will share some of my experience which i was experienced in the first week

When I can to BRNO I was picked up by my mentor. It was arranged by the ESN buddy. So i request you people to register to the ESN buddy before you leave your country and give a request for pick up management.

Later he(mentor) helped me to reach a dormitory and to get a register from the receptionist. In the first week I never feel lonely because you will find a lot of ERASMUS friends because of welcome week maybe like welcome party and even some events also. The event can be seen through the VUT website or when you will reach you will get  a welcome pack from ESN where you can find the information. 

The main important thing is to attend the first day because you will get a lot of information about BRNO, transportation, Bank account, registration for classes and etc by presentation. So my request not to miss this. If unfortunately you couldn't attend this session don't worry you will get the mail from the university about all the above information with a PDF you can go through it. During the first week go to your respective faculty study center, you can see the room number and other etc, information in your mail. When you will reach there they will give a student card where you can access for the canteen facility at dormitories and university sectors also.

I try to explain my view of first week in a short brief. The experience of the city, restaurant, transportation can be access on the next review of experience map.

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