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My first week
Technical University of Denmark
Kongens Lyngby
55.78557419999999, 12.52138100000002
Topic Introduction week at DTU

Introductory week at DTU is being organized by PF (a student organization of DTU). It costs 240 DKK to participate and has to book prior to the deadline. The coordinators will inform with all the details and will provide detail information on the program.

Once the payment for the program is made, they will send an invoice followed with the detailed program schedule. PF society will assign a buddy (a DTU student member of the PF society) to guide through the week and through the semester as well. The buddies are usually assigned to a group of 10 participants. Each group will be given a name to identify during the events participation.

Our week started on 27th of January (Monday), followed by many fun games to get to know each other of the participants followed by lunch time. After lunch hours, we were welcomed by the president of the university with his inspiring welcome speech followed by international coordinator for studies and few others. 

On Tuesday, we had attended few workshops that we had signed up for, while registering to the event, these workshops are focused on career guidance, campus life, sports and student associations etc. it’s a very useful and a recommended one to participate for sure. After lunch, we attended a club fair, where all the student clubs have presented themselves through their unique stalls and walk us through their activities and visions. It’s a great opportunity to interact with many at one place.

Wednesday was started with an amazing campus race, each group was given with same set of riddles and clues to solve by visiting particular places inside the campus, this is a really fun event to participate with your group and to get to know the campus as well, this is followed by inspirational talks that aligns with the area of interest that you had prioritized during the registration. The day ended with a pilot project with a fun task (in our case, we were asked to make a device to measure time of 1 min with as accurate as possible, using straws, plastic cups, balloon and tape).

We met everyone at Nørreport area on Thursday for DTUmazing race. The objective of the race is to have fun and to explore the Copenhagen city while actively participating at group tasks and quizzes at few landmarks, the ended with a party in a pub and it was an amazing experience to for sure.

Friday had started very late with a team brunch, we had booked a kitchen to cook brunch and everyone came together to share food at the table and later we had participated in a Harry potter quiz. The evening was well planned with a great Gala dinner (the food preferences were well noted during the registration to event itself) and a small award function for the groups that had won competitions during the week. And the night ended with a DJ party in S-Huset (student club with a bar).

Thorough out the week, each day has its own fun challenges that involve the group to bond and make friends with each other and from other groups as well. The buddies are very helpful in participation and organizing the events and the coordinators has designed the week to make sure every participant feel included and have fun.

I highly recommend you to participate in introduction week.

Hope you will have fun and great time at DTU.



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