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Topic Transport in Kortrijk and Belgium

First of all, welcome in Kortrijk! I'm sure you will love this city in the West of Belgium and Belgium globally!

There are so many things to see and to do, but as an international student, it's sometimes difficult to get to these places, as you have no car, no bike on arrival. In this topic I will show you 3 ways of getting around Kortrijk (and Belgium) that are really easy and convenient.

1) Bus

De Lijn is the private company in Belgium that regulates the busses in Flanders. Their busses easily transport you from one point to another. The easiest way in Kortrijk to get on a bus that goes to (almost) everywhere you want, is going to the railway station. All the busses leave from the bus stop there, so it's the safest spot to make sure you get to your destination. You can buy your tickets online, on the app, by sending a message or on the bus itself. 

To find out which busline you need to take, you just check their website and plan your trip. You give in destination A and destination B (where you want to go) and they will give you all the possible bus line you can take and at what time they arrive!

TIP: You can also install the phone-application, it works with the location-service on your phone so it's really easy to use at the start when you don't know any places or streets in your new city!

2) Bike

You will soon realize that Kortrijk is a pretty big city and not everything is close to one another. The bike is a really useful and cheap way to transport yourself. In Kortrijk you can rent a bike at an organization called VZW Mobiel Kortrijk. They are located near the railway station (you see, this station almost is the heart of this city ;) ), so it's really easy to access.

It is really interesting to rent a bike when you see the rentingfee's:

- €5/month (rental fee)

- €50 safety deposit

- €23 insurance for possible theft (not obligatory)

So if you stay for 5 months in Kortrijk and you take the insurance (just to make sure), you would pay €98! That's reaaaaally cheap to move freely everywhere if you ask me!

3) Train

Belgium is a small country compared to some other countries in the world, but the distance between the cities can be pretty big nevertheless. The easiest way to go from one city to another is by train. There is a pretty impressive railway-network. To plan your trip you just go on the NMBS-website (the private railway company) and you plan your trip from point A to point B. They also have a phone-application that's really easy to use, you can also buy your tickets on the app! So now, you can finally enter the railway station I have been talking about so much, and catch your train to discover pretty little Belgium!


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