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Universitat de Barcelona
41.386608, 2.1640199999999368
Topic T-JOVE

As Barcelona is a big city you will need to use the public transportation if you want to move around while saving money and being environmentally friendly. If you will stay in the city for a short period of time, the T-10 is probably the option that will fit best your needs, as you have included 10 trips for 1€ each approx. – you should bear in mind that a single trip will cost you 2.10€. However, if your stage in Barcelona will be longer than 3 months and you are between 18 and 25 years old, I strongly recommend you to buy what we call T-Jove (Young Card).

This card includes unlimited trips during 90 consecutive days for 105€/1 zone. The first zone should be more than enough for a person living in the city (it is not necessary to live in the centre), as it covers the whole metropolitan area. Moreover, the card is available for all the transports that the company TMB comprises – subway, buses, trains and trams.

Thus, public transportation will be your best friend to move around the city, as it is faster and more comfortable than the car, although you do not have to forget to take care of your belongings while travelling. 

For more information regarding this topic, do not hesitate to visit the official webpage of TMB: https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona-fares-metro-bus. Welcome to Barcelona!

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