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Beijing Foreign Studies University
39.95249619, 116.30249879
Topic Public Transportation in Beijing

In my opinion public transportation in Beijing is very easy to use, even if you do not speak Chinese. Going by bus costs you 1 yuan, going by subway depending on the distance, between 4 and 10 yuan, except if you want to use the airport express, which is more expensive. You can look up fares and lines of public transportation under the following link:


You can either buy a ticket for each travel you want to make or get a card, which you can top up at a machine and swipe it when you get on the bus or on the subway. Swiping it again when getting off the bus or the subway, it automatically calculates the distance and removes the amount of money you must pay from the balance on your card.

There are different Apps you can use for finding your way through the city like Amaps (explained in the article “Apps”), which shows you bus lines and subway lines. For using the subway in Beijing, I often used an App called “Explore Beijing subway map”, also mentioned in the article "Apps".

If you use the subway, it is always necessary get your bags checked. It is not allowed to carry knives other sharp items with you, but I experienced, that the security checks are not very strict. Once I received a parcel from Germany and I did not know what was inside, I went by subway and nobody told me it was a problem, after opening it, I noticed, that there was a huge kitchen knife inside, but I got to take it through the security check without any problems.

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