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Intercultural Challenges
What I would have loved to know before I went
WWU Münster
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Topic Finding accommodation

I’m doing my Erasmus in Münster, a well-known university city in Germany with more than 65.000 students every year looking for a place to stay.

Ten months before the Erasmus I applied for a room in the Studierendenwerk (an external residence organisation from the university, https://stw-muenster.de/en/home/). I thought I had applied early and that I would not have any problem with the accommodation, but this is not what happened.

Two months before my flight I was starting to feel a bit anxious because I didn’t receive any information from them. And after contacting them twice, they told me I was in the waiting list. Here is when the uncertain situation began, just one month before my Erasmus.

First, I decided to look for information on the internet. I started looking in exchange students’ forums, for example in Erasmusu, Eduopinions and Facebook. And I found out that this situation of uncertainty in Germany is more common than in other European countries because here students tend to change their residence for their studies more often.

I also sent an email to the University support asking for some help, but they just told me that this was a normal situation in Münster and recommended me some websites to look for accommodation. Moreover, I also looked for social support in my home university, but it ended up not being very useful.

After that I decided to sign up for multiple dorm search websites, the most important is https://www.wg-gesucht.de/ (one of the most used and known websites for students to find accommodation in Germany). And I also tried applying for a Christian residence (https://bsw-muenster.de/en/) and looking in a local magazine called Na Dann (https://www.nadann.de/).

I had some problems finding the right accommodation because some rooms were unfurnished, others asked for vegan/vegetarian rules or some were looking for a longer stay. But the most important problem I found is that I had to go to Münster to sign the contract. And only one week before the start of the Erasmus, I finally found a nice place to stay.

I don’t think this was a “positive” situation for me because I felt lost most of the time and I had a really difficult time. In addition, I was very close to cancelling my Erasmus because of it. However, I am happy that I was able to find accommodation before arriving in Münster because I have met other students that arrived here without accommodation and not knowing what to do.

I hope my experience can help you finding accommodation.

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