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HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences
60.977073, 24.478279
Topic Student Dormitory

There are many student dormitories besides the one I'm staying at. 

- Little cottages next to the University, mostly shared by two people.

- Flats in student buildings, also next to the University.

- Exchange students dormitory 30 minutes, by bike, far away from the University.

Personally I'm staying in the third option mentioned above. I find it the best option since one gets to share a "house" with other 20 students, more or less. 

The dormitory has two floors split in half which leaves four hallways. In each one there's a fully equiped kitchen shared by the people in the hall. 

There's the option of sharing a room or not.

The positive thing about living with that many people is that there are always activities, games or excursions to do, you are never bored!


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