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Vilnius University
54.682576, 25.287647
Topic Student Dorms and Alternative

Hey guys,

In Vilnius living in a dorm is quite a gamble. You get assigned a room, with roomates of your choosing. The prices are around 50 to 100 Eruos each month. Now getting to the gamble I mentioned: Either you're lucky and you live in a newer building with a decent condition, or you get to live in an old building, where the conditions are very bad. Two other students from Karlshochschule and I, got to know option two. Therefor, we decided to look for an alternativ. And we found a very nice online agency www.1home.eu, which provides rather cheap rooms, or apartments for foreigners living in the Baltic states. All of this for a reasonable price. My room here is 265 Euros a month, and included is heating, water, a cleaning lady, and necessary equipment. Such as a washing machine, kitchen supplies and furniture in the room. So for those who do not want to live in a dorm, where 50 people share two showers, in which you cannot control heating and where you find rather dirty and dilapitated conditions. I can only reccomend this agency to anyone doing a semester abroad in Vilnius, or as a matter of fact, any other baltic state (of which I do not know the conditions of the dorms) 

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