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Beijing Foreign Studies University
39.95249619, 116.30249879
Topic Food

One of the things I enjoyed most of in Beijing was the food. I got used to go to restaurants and the cafeteria very often. You can already get a meal for 10 yuan, which is less than 2 euros next to the university. Of course there are restaurants which have a nicer ambiance and are more expensive. What I really enjoyed was that the meals were ordered to share with each other, rather than each person ordering their own dish.  Because of that, it was always possible to try many different dishes. Being a vegetarian was also not a big problem because there were always vegetarian dishes on the menu too. However, being a vegan was more difficult because you can never be sure of what kind of oil and ingredients are used for cooking. 

In Beijing there is offered a lot of rice and noodles on the menus. Noodles are very special in Beijing.  Often it was handmade in many different forms and types, which were all worth trying.  I also learned that sweet and sour foods are popular. Spicy and salty foods were also quite popular.  Peanuts were common ingredients used in many different dishes including dumplings.  There were a wide variety of dumplings, each prepared differently such as fried, steamed, cooked, etc. A lot of food in Beijing is fried or deep fried, which means that the food is often very oily. Sometimes I missed eating a fresh salad, but the grocery store close to BFSU had all the ingredients to prepare a salad. Overall, I experienced a great variety of foods in Beijing and really enjoyed that. Halal food was also offered many times.

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