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Beijing Foreign Studies University
39.95249619, 116.30249879
Topic Before leaving

Before leaving there are some things I would recommend you to do/to take with you:

Take all the documents from BFSU which have been sent to you before. You will need them for checking in at the dormitory, for registration and for your Visa.

Pictures for passport (at least 7), for registration.

Set up a VPN before going to China, as there are many blocked services like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp. Many Universities also offer VPN services so you can check out if your home university does. In that case you don´t need to pay for it. The following link shows more providers for VPN services:


Take the address of BFSU, in Chinese characters, so you can show it to the taxi driver.


Hygienic articles: Deodorant (especially in winter it is hard to find in supermarkets in Beijing and it); Tampons for girls (they cannot be found in supermarkets).

Some cash to be able to pay transportation fees.






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