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My first week
Beijing Foreign Studies University
39.95249619, 116.30249879
Topic Registration

Some days before the semester begins, you must register for the semester, in the building of the international office. Make sure to bring all the documents, the university has sent you in advance, your passport, about 7 passport pictures and enough money, as you need to pay the fee for your room for the whole semester in advance, and also for a mandatory health insurance.

On registration day your passport will be collected and sent to a governmental agency to extend the visa. You can usually pick it up after 2 or 3 weeks. If you are planning on travelling during that period, you need to ask for an extra sheet of paper during the registration process, which allows you to travel without your passport.

If you are going to stay longer than one semester, you need to do a health check (400 Yuan) for the extension of your Visa. You can also do the health check in advance and take the documents with you. When I was at BFSU, everything was organized by the international office. The exchange students are brought to the hospital all together by bus. Again, you need to take your documents and some money with you. There are different stations you run through, like checking your eye sight, taking blood and other medical checks. After having absolved all the stations, you can go back to university.

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