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Arrival and orientation
Beijing Foreign Studies University
39.95249619, 116.30249879
Topic Meeting new friends

Of course, you can get to know people from your class at university. Living in a dormitory also provides the opportunity to get to know new friends. I think living in a room with shared bathrooms connects you more to the people on your floor because you always see them outside of their rooms.

At BFSU there are also many events for international students like the international food festival or the international carnival.

There are also many WeChat groups (an App which is used for many purposes), where you can get to know more about events and activities or trips. Here are some of the groups which are helpful to get in contact with new people:

Language corner&have fun: in this group you can find a language partner, find a part time job (many job offers are posted), get informed about events happening at BFSU.

北京Women´s Network: not only for women, you can get informed about events like movie nights, dinner parties, speeches and other social events and activities.

FCN Shidu: get informed about trips you can book, to different places. There are different people who join the trips and it is possible to make new friends.

Beijing Nightlife: get informed about parties in Beijing and their specials, find promotors for different clubs and bars.


You can also join the gym or a sport group to get in contact with people. There are for example yoga classes in the building of the gym, twice a week. At BFSU there are also running groups, table tennis groups and other kinds of communities. I recommend you to ask for the groups together with a Chinese student, because I experienced that they do not want international students in their groups. But if you go with a Chinese student sometimes it is possible to join a group.


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