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Beijing Foreign Studies University
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Topic Traveling

Traveling in China is very convenient most of the time. There are different options for traveling: you can either go by plane, by high-speed train by using slow trains or book an organized travel by bus.

The following Website, which is available in different languages, enables you to book trains, flights, hotels and cars.


I have only used it for booking trains and it worked out perfectly. Using the App “WeChat” for bookings, is often a little bit cheaper and worked fine for me too. You can book the ticket in advance, depending on the destination and on the time, trains are sold out quickly. Before getting on the train, you need to go to the train station to pick up your ticket, showing your passport. If you book a ticket, it is personalized. Because of that it is very important to put the right passport number. If you put the wrong passport number during the booking process, you will not be able to pick up your ticket, even if your name is spelled correctly. Because of that: Always pay attention to put the right passport number and name for each ticket and remember to bring your passport to the train station.

There are two different railway stations in Beijing. Beijing railway station (北京火车站) is only for slow trains. High speed trains depart from “Beijing South” (北京南站). Both stations can be reached from BFSU by subway.

As it is necessary to pick up the tickets and to go through a security check before getting on the train, I suggest being at the station at least one and a half hour in advance to make sure, you do not miss your train.

For the booking of hotels and hostels it is important to know, that you should always ask if they can host foreigners, as they need a certain permission to do that. If they don't have it I made the experience that they cancel your reservation the day you are going to arrive there, which is uncomfortable because you need to look for a different place you can stay, the day you want to stay at the hotel.

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