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Beijing Foreign Studies University
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Topic WIFI on Campus

There is no free WIFI on the campus of BFSU. For international students it costs 120 Yuan for the first month and after that 60 Yuan per month. To be able to use it, you need to buy it with your student ID. You need a router in your room to be able to use it in your room too. If you want to do so, you must add money on your ID card, at a top up terminal, which is in the same location where also pick up the student ID card (close to the east gate of east campus). If the money is on your card you need to transfer it do a different section on your card, which you can select at the terminal on the touchscreen. You can select how much money you would like to transfer to the “internet section”. To do so you need a password which is either “123456” or the last six numbers/letters of your passport.

You can also use a different internet provider for WIFI in your room. You can get the number at the reception. You must call that number and tell a person who works for the internet provider, the room you are living in. He or she will come to your room, install the internet and pick up the money (about 120 Yuan per month). He or she comes back every month to extend it for another month and you pay him or her every month. The WIFI of this provider is often faster, then BFSU WIFI, but you can use it only in your room, not in classrooms.

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