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Beijing Foreign Studies University
39.95249619, 116.30249879
Topic University Life

My classes I took at BFSU were very small. We had between 15 and 25 students in one class but I know that there are also lectures with more students. I did not visit any lectures in Beijing, just seminars and language classes. In my Chinese class at BFSU we used to have a class teacher and a class monitor. The class monitors had two meetings each semester where they talked about class trips, problems in class or in the dormitories. We had a pretty close relationship to our teachers. Sometimes I felt controlled by the teachers. Homework was revised and we always had to tell the teacher if we could not come to class. Once there were missing many students at one of our Chinese class, so our teacher asked us, if we went out the night before. She told us that we always have to tell her if we are going to miss a class and that we have to tell her if we go out at night. She also told us that we are not allowed to go out at night during weekdays. It was not officially forbidden, but she did not want us to do so.

I experienced these kinds of situations differently, depending on the situation. I really enjoyed having a personal relationship with the teacher. If we had any problems we could call her and she would try to help us even if the problem was not related to the Chinese class. In my opinion that was a very good thing, especially at the beginning, when I was not able to speak any Chinese. On the other side I also felt treated underaged sometimes. I had the feeling that the teachers forgot that we are adults and can make our own decisions. Because of that I felt really annoyed sometimes. As foreign students we still had more liberty than the local students at BFSU. We could return to our dormitory at any time of the night, which is not easy for Chinese students to do.

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