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Beijing Foreign Studies University
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Topic Job interviews

I want to share this experience because it has shown me how much I am influenced by my own perspective in my own thinking. The report shows that despite the knowledge that there are different ways of dealing with situations, I proceed from my expectations of familiar behaviour.

I was asked to do some job interviews for a bank in China with a German friend, to evaluate the German level of the applicants. The recruiting process to get the one-day-job as a person who evaluates the German level of the applicants, was already interesting for me. A Chinese friend of mine asked me, if I would like to do the job. I told her that I wanted to, and she passed me the contact of the responsible person in the bank. The person just texted me and the day I had to do the interviews, I arrived at the bank, together with my friend. There were some other people who would do the same kind of job for different languages. The responsible people passed us some papers without giving any explanation. They were all in Chinese, so we used the translator to have a look what was written on the paper. Some other people who were there, had already done this job in the past and they explained us what to do. We should just evaluate the German level of the applicants by asking questions we could choose. We waited for a long time till we could do the interview with the first person. We did not get any further instruction about what we should ask or how we should evaluate the language level or what kind of job the applicants were applying for. We asked questions like we knew them from German job interviews. For example: “Why do you want to work for this bank?”

My friend and I were very surprised about the answers we got from the applicants, because they were very honest to us. The applicants told us for example, that they could earn a lot of money, that they want to come to Beijing to get married and that they would have a save workplace in that bank and wanted the job because of that. When the first person gave that kind of answer, I was very surprised, because I did not expect the applicants to be that honest. Experience has shown me that the answers that are expected in an application process can be very different. If I had had a job interview at that bank and told the interviewers that I wanted to work for the bank because I identified with the values, they probably would have thought me untrustworthy.

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