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Leisure activities (my top 5)
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Whether you are looking for the perfect location for hanging out with friends or a cozy place for a romantic date or you have a creative mind that needs soothing, Buda Island has it all! It’s the artistic heart of the city in the river Lys.

  • Buda Kunstencentrum (Buda arts center) is one of the leading theatre production houses of the country. It has a lot of spaces all over Kortrijk where you can either watch or create art.

  • In the Budatoren (Buda-tower) you will find artists from all corners of the world. They might be working on new projects in Kortrijk or just passing through and experimenting with new ideas.

  • The Budascoop is a cinema where you can enjoy the best non-commercial films. They have student friendly prices and organize lots of events such as Student@Buda-nights where you get to watch a movie for free.

  • The Budafabriek (Buda-factory) is an impressive place where designers, entrepreneurs, artists, students (from Howest!) and active citizens work together. The old building was renovated and a striking modern façade was added.

  • Buda Beach is THE hangout in summer. People of all ages come to relax in the beautiful setting of the Lys. It’s coziest at sunset with a bottle of wine and some snacks.


I myself like to see a lot of theatre and dance performances and I think that is one of the reasons I like Kortijk so much. Even though it’s a rather small city, it is huge on creativity.

Some other places you have to check out! These are some of my favorite hangout spots on Buda Island;

1.     The Lab – Social Club; They offer the freshest lemonades in steamy measuring cups and some killer nachos.

2.     De Dingen; This is probably the favorite hangout for every student in Kortijk. It’s suitable for any occasion and sometimes you can even enjoy cosy music performances from local artists. (+ they have a cat!) 

3.     Leieboorden; The newly renovated riverbanks are eye-catching  and they’re another great place to spend your afternoon breaks in summer.

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