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Cultural Events
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Topic Events

The city Kortrijk organises plenty of events or activities. Here I give you some examples of what great events for students/youth the city has to offer.  

Every year there is a Student Welcome Party at the Schouwburgplein. This year this will be on October 3th. There are music bands performing and dj’s afterwards to kick in the school year. It is a great opportunity to meet new people in the beginning.

On October 18th we have Dag van de Jeugdbeweging. On this day we celebrate youth movements such as scouts, Chiro, KSA, KLJ, … You will see a lot of people with matching uniforms. In Kortrijk this is celebrated with a free breakfast on the main square

VIVES La Fête is a part organised by another University in Kortrijk: VIVES. But everyone is welcome to join the party. It takes place on October 24th.

On Halloween there are also activities and theme parties held in some cafés.

Another party that is well known among Howest students is ‘de Kiekenfuif’. This takes place in ‘de depart’. This venue is often used for parties or activities and is very close to the city centre and station.

Finally, during the Christmas period there is always an ice rink on the main square and students can go ice skating for free. You can also visit the cozy Christmas markets.  

For more information about different events you can check the website www.kortrijk.be/evenementen

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