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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
IUT Paul Sabatier
43.5657, 1.45923
Topic Playing on a public basketball court

In Belgium, I live in a small village. There aren't any public courts in the neighbourhood. That's why I normally only play indoors. It was exciting to me when I found that there were a lot of public basketball courts in Toulouse. In the two weeks after I arrived I didn't go because I had stress (not comfortable with the language,...). After my French classes begun I got to know Daniel. A erasmus student from Germany. He also played basketball and wanted to go to one of these courts. A couple of days later we went. We wanted to join in the match-ups but we didn't know how. After watching for 20 minutes we still hadn't figured it out. That's when we asked one of the locals, what we had to do to join in. He said we had to say: "Je me lève". The next game we played. It was very nice until I defended someone and said I made a fault on the person. My team was angry with me because only the offensive player should call a fault.

This led to me playing uncertainly because I thought I could still make other mistakes I didn't know about. Now after a couple of weeks I learned what the behaviour is from interacting with the locals on the basketball court.

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