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IUT Paul Sabatier
43.5657, 1.45923
Topic My experience during my stay abroad in Toulouse

What caught my attention in Toulouse is the kindness of all people.

I’ll start with when I arrived in Toulouse. The man that welcomed me in my residence was very friendly, he was really interested and although it was 3 p.m. and he hadn’t eaten lunch yet, he stayed friendly. In addition to that it was 34°C that day and looking back to that the man did a great job.

Once I was in my shared apartment, I met Romain, my roommate who wasn’t the most social person on earth, but was still very friendly. After a week he even asked if I needed to get some heavy things, I could use his car.

Going to school was a nice experience as well. The first day everyone was just so friendly, this stayed the same over the semester except for Mondays, but that I can understand. In group works the French students really helped me, if I didn’t understand they explained it another time, with other words. Because they were kind I felt more comfortable and speaking French went way better. I experienced when I had to talk to a severe teacher or student, I couldn’t find the words as easily as when I felt comfortable.

Moving on the other Erasmus students. I really met some nice people here. With the Erasmus students we spoke French all the time which I really liked, because I wanted to improve my French.

Last but not least are the inhabitants of Toulouse. Another reason why I had a great time here. Almost everyone is super friendly here. Bus, train, taxi drivers, social workers (in musea,…) they will all say hello and goodbye and even have a conversation with you. This almost never happens in Belgium and I really think it’s a pity because talking with people really makes you happy. Maybe it’s just something in the south, but I really like it and I would wish that people in northern countries would be more like this.

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