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Cultural Events
IUT Paul Sabatier
43.5657, 1.45923
Topic My experiences

My experience in Toulouse, France, was incredible! It is hard to pick out one thing. I've often left my comfort zone and it are mostly these things that I will remember. I met a lot of incredible people from Germany, France, Austria and also from Belgium.

Toulouse is a big city in south France. It’s close to Bordeaux and the Pyrenees. I would be a fool if I would not visited these cities. So I went there with my friends.

1. The Pyrenees

I went hiking with three German friends and one Belgian friend. Of course the Germans know how to do this and had appropriate clothes on. My Belgian friend and I didn’t. But they helped us to get through the snow and it was wonderful. We hiked six hours and enjoyed the view. For a few minutes, we were standing in Andorra! It was amazing! And I was with the best company, we talked (in French) and walked.

2. Bordeaux

I went to Bordeaux for a weekend with some Erasmus friends. We took the Flixbus for only 8 euros. This is definitely a city that you have to visit when you are in south France. It’s a very romantic, calm, beautiful city with a lot of history.

The reason why these are one of my favorite moments is because these two places are so close to the beautiful Toulouse and if you are in a city for 4 months, you want to see something else. And you want to see the surrounding cities and places.

When I think of Toulouse and my Erasmus, I will always remember the amazing friends I made. And the wonderful things I did with my friend. I’ve opened my eyes and enjoyed every moment. The excursions to the Pyrenees and to Bordeaux were two impulsive trips and yet so memorable.

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