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Intercultural Challenges
Tec de Monterrey Campus Querétaro
Santiago de Querétaro
20.6105715, -100.4059826
Topic Engagement at Tec Qro

At Tecnologico de Monterrey there is a huge level of engagement. The university is definitely one of the largest schools of Latin America and has tons of campusses. Campus Queretaro is one of the "smaller" ones but still has thousands of students.

Studying at Tec feels very "American". There's a lot of cheering and sports and a group feeling. The school has a mascotte, los borregos and proudly shows of their colours blue and white. It's unbelievable how every student is enrolled in extracurricular courses which includes hundreds of options such as all kinds of sports, arts, and dance activities as well as academical extra currivulars and clubs. Apart from that students can 'work' at school and help out as a volunteer at the tec lab, guiding new students around,... Every carreer has a big community as well and they each have their representatives. It's a big thing to be one of their representatitives. Monthly meetings and organising all kinds of fun events for their carreer are some of their tasks.

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