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Intercultural Challenges
Universität Wien
48.213185, 16.36005

My first uncertainty experience happened right after landing in Vienna. I booked a taxi to carry my luggage home, as I could hardly carry it on my own. The map said the taxi driver was just in front of me, but as soon as I stepped inside the taxi the driver kicked me out. At first, he only yelled in German. Once he realized I did not understand a word, he tried to explain himself in English, then I understood he was waiting for a business man. I felt incredibly ridiculous. I had to call my driver, who spoke little English too. After a long conversation I realized the airport had two floors and he had been waiting for me downstairs. I feel such little problems could be solved with basic knowledge of the local language, which is why I strongly recommend preparing a list with common expressions and basic but useful sentences for your arrival.

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