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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
64.2151413, 27.7113736
Topic Final transfer task

Group work presentation

I had to do a lot of group works with my fellow international and Finnish students. Because of the mix of different cultures, it was sometimes a difficult task to work together. When we had to make a presentation for example, the Finnish students don’t use a lot of pictures in there presentation but fill it with blocks of text. Then they just present everything what is on the screen. That is totally different than I’m used to. In Belgium we show (nearly) only pictures on our presentation and try to tell as much as we can about the specific topic. A French girl and I made the PowerPoint presentation together and we were really proud of it. But when we showed it to the two other Finnish guys in our group, they were not so excited as we were. They were scared that they could not remember everything that had to be said, because there was almost no text on the slides. We understood them and arranged a meeting where all the four of us could come to. The day after we sat together to make the presentation together. We added some more text and kept a lot of pictures so everyone was comfortable doing the presentation. And when we actually performed the presentation, it went very well.

I think this case is a perfect example of a difficult situation with cross cultural elements. We solved it very well by finding a solution that could fit both the Fins and the exchange students. It is important to listen to each other and keep the values of the other culture in mind.

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