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Private Universidad San Pablo CEU
40.4427113, -3.7152088
Topic Final Transfer Task: solving problems with intercultural knowledge

Group presentation with different cultures:

For our course Political Communication, we had to make a presentation that would count for 40% of our final grade, so it was very important. After 2 courses the teacher explained that we had to form pairs and choose a topic, later he would approve the topic so we could start working.

2 weeks had passed and there was 1 italian girl who was really active in class, like me, so after class i approached her to ask if we would work together. She was really enthousiastic because she said 'she saw I was a serious student as well". Forming groups was not hard in this case, but I did find it quite a challenge to pair up with someone you barely know for such an important task.

We started thinking about different subjects and had quite a few ideas. We presented them to the teacher and he was a fan of all of them, so the choosing was up to us. My friend and me decided our subject. But during that class came clear that one british/indian girl, did not have a partner and the teacher placed her in our group. I liked the girl, so on itself that wasn't a problem. But during our first 'team-working', it became clear she was not a fan of the subject we choose. That kind of frustrated me because we offered to accept her in our group, she knew the subject was already picked, yet she wanted to change it. I kind of saw that as unpolite, if I would have been in her situation, I would not change the whole project and just go with the chosen subject.

I expressed those feelings and she explained that for her believe (she was Muslim), she found it hard to talk about our chosen subject. Her answer affected me because I did not know this and we changed our subject to something she also felt comfortable with.

I am happy I took the initiative of talking about it, because my Italian friend was to shy to do so, but the situation was uncomfortable. So seeking information and understanding the situation helped everyone here. Finally we did a great group project and had a very good grade!

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