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Intercultural Challenges
University College of Southeast Norway
59.568632, 9.278037
Topic Waffles

Module 2: Final Transfer task:

Present a dish- Brunost

Every wednesday, they organised 'Kafeekosen' for international students. A cosy afternoon where international student can come together to drink coffee or tea and eat delicious waffles. Belgium is known for its waffles but the norwegian waflles are not bad at all... The waffles are a circle of four smaller hearts. The waffles are soft and sweet. Sooo delicious!

But what put Norwegians on their waffles? Brown cheese or Brunost! Brunotst literally means Brown Cheese in Norwegians. It looks a bit like chocolate but it is caramelised goatmilk (that's why it is brown). They combine it with jam or cream. It tastes like caramel but is looks like a slice of cheese.

A lot of international students liked it and put it on their waffles as well. The Kafeekosen was a nice initiative to see other internationals, share our experiences and try new things like the Norwegian, brown cheese.

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