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Cultural Events
Universitat de Barcelona
41.386608, 2.1640199999999368
Topic Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona, a buffet of cultures

One benefit from globalisation is the cultural enrichment we have experienced these past decades. This globalisation has transformed capital cities and also strategic economic cities such as Barcelona.

Nowadays in Barcelona you can find any type of cultural association, from samba groups dancing every Sunday to martial arts practices. There is no need to go to Thailand to try its food or to go to China to try Tai Chi. Only with a quick search in Google is enough to find different places where you can try all those activities. For example, you can start by looking at the Barcelona cultural center web page: https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/centrescivics/ (though no English version is available).

Those cultural associations not only give you the opportunity to exercise, but also to be part of a social group. And when you arrive in a new city, sometimes it can be difficult to integrate and get to know the vicinity. Thus, it can be a good chance to try new experiences while learning from locals.

And if you are hungry afterwards, Barcelona has also a rich variety of restaurants from all over the world. Just look for any type of restaurant in Google maps and maybe you will end up in a Senegalese or Hindu restaurant. My favourite is the Gandhi hindu restaurant near Plaça Universitat (in the city center) which with an affordable 13.9 € menu you have a really good and spicy Hindu experience. Or if you are into Chinese culture, the Arc de Triomf area is where most of it takes place (from restaurants to supermarkets).

There are so many different and cultural activities and places that there is no way you can get bored in such an awesome city like Barcelona. I really recommend be up to day with all the Barcelona city council activities as every week there is something new and different to try. From music festivals such as the Primavera Sound or the Jazz festival to the Chinese New Year Celebration or the National Argentinian day Fest.

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