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Universidade de Porto
41.14654790000001, -8.615699800000016
Topic First week of Erasmus

If you are going to University of Porto as an exchange student, don't miss the Orientation days and the Welcome week, which are so good and friendly-oriented to guide and care about you. Also, during the first week you need to go to the International Students‘ Office in the Building E for check-in and to know the initial activities. The office hours are from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm.

During the first week, we were introduced to the University, Student Association, Library, Sports center and a Cafeteria. We also received a guidance to get the Student card in the central office or if you are under 23, they give an acknowledgment to get a student Transport card.

If you have some doubts to change the subject, they will guide you and don't forget to register for ESN of Porto, because many parties and more friends are waiting for you!
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