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Cultural Events
Universitat de Barcelona
41.386608, 2.1640199999999368
Topic Discover at least three buildings / places of the city with one of your incoming students

Manuel is a 22-year-old guy from Austria. He lives in a very small village near the Alps and he had never visited Spain before. We agreed to meet in front of Sagrada Familia’s monument because I have been living in that neighbourhood since I was born. Once I arrived at the place we met, he was taking a lot of pictures and he could not stop saying that it was one of the most amazing monuments he had ever seen. When I told him that there was another building’s façade behind the one we were looking at, he was really surprised. Then I realized that something which is obvious for me, since it is part of my quotidian life, could be shocking for someone who has a different perspective.

After having visited the Sagrada Familia, we went by subway to Les Rambles. He had been listening Catalan for a while, so he was more surprised about the lack of people speaking that language in Les Rambles. For that reason, he was immediately aware of the fact that it is a place of the city which gathers more tourists and foreign people  rather than locals. As he wanted to be more engaged with the local culture and avoid crowded and “tourist trap” sites, we decided to go to a popular bar among students in Barcelona: L’Ovella Negra. He enjoyed a lot the young environment of the pub, the songs that were played and how cheap everything was!

Finally, we decided to end the day next to the sea, in Barceloneta’s beach. Even if he prefers to spend a relaxing day in the mountain, the sea and the sun is something that he loved so much, especially because he would not have thought before about having such a big beach in an important city. It actually made me think that I should appreciate more the positive things about my city which I usually consider as normal ones, such as it has been pointed out with La Sagrada Familia anecdote. It is always good to see your own city from a different perspective!

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