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Eating at the university
Brno University of Technology
49.20171999999999, 16.603316800000016
Topic During pandemic time CANTEEN!!!!!!!


Might be by mean of the topic don't be surprise just  I want to explain eating at the University.

In the university we have some cafeteria as I saw its look like spending some time with your colleague, but here every students and professor are very busy with academic, I didn't see much more.

So i jump to the topic eating at dormitory, in a dormitory they has a canteen. I can rate them 4/5, sure it is very pleasure to eat there with good taste and system and very good reasonable price for BUT student. I can say some dishes with prices i.e <46 czk, (~2 eur) good size of pizza really good taste. I like it personally, beef gulash with rice it would be ~56 czk that is affordable price and so on.

During lockdown time which means COVID-19 pandemic time canteen was opened very less hour like 11 am- 12.30 pm, really with very precautious measure, windows serving with compulsory of an mask. If you don't have mask your not allowed to buy or stand there this is strict rules. On this time really they have helped lot of students who doesn't know to cook just depend on others really with same reasonable price. 

I feel you can understand how the staff in BUT supports, really glad to  come here for this erasmus. But still I feel little embarassed on this COVID-19 which spoils my enjoyement in erasmus hahaha.

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