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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
Brno University of Technology
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Topic Travelliing across the city inside the czech republic

I have decided to travel abroad, due to pandaemic crisis(COVID-19) the plan was cancelled, whatever may be I have learnt lot by staying in the same place here I am going to explain in clear way.

1)When I start to see the city and explore food, culture etc, I have met a guy who is from an International (African) but one who works in Brno, czech republic since last two year. It was amazing to have a such a guy around here helping and guiding the city, where he was sharing his story how he struggled at  a beginning of a time at czech republic like no friends, don't know where to buy a transport ticket and how to buy it, then which shops are very affordable prices to buy some groceries etc as he was bad in cooking he was searching for restaurant which we will be good one. So he trying to help me that I shouldnot find such difficulties etc.

2)I have travelled alone to Prague, where I started explore whole places at prague it was quiet different then exploring a city at brno with international student. 

The differences is like as I was alone so I can roam wherever I want but 0% knowledge of the city. But when compare to brno in this we have group friends share each other thought time to chillax, enjoy, seeking information from other, the time management was very proper also. Trying to have different kind of foods etc.

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