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Conditions of study
Technical University of Liberec
50.773063, 15.074460499999986

  • Hey people, in this entry i would like to talk about the study module and academic standards. First of all the TUL university is located 10 mins from the center of Liberec city and the faculties are located nearby the dormitory except the faculty of Economics which is located in the center for which we have to take bus to go. Sad news is i'm from economics faculty and i have to catch 8:30 am bus to attend my classes.
  • Now about the Academic system, i would say it's simple system to understand you would have a final exam at the end of the semester and some subjects have weekly tasks to submit. The subjects are graded with Number system from 1 as the highest to 5 as the lowest.
  • You can check all your study plans at TUL portal for students and study materials at e-learning moodle¬† for students.
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