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Leisure activities (my top 5)
Tecnológico de Monterrey
25.654642, -100.294266
Topic Monterrey - City of Mountains

My experience abroad turned not the way I expected. I am sure you know why, as it happened to many people in the world. I was planning to travel all over Mexico, explore its culture, people, food, dances, traditions and everything else that this beautiful country can offer. I have never been more excited. However, due to quarantine I had to stay home, being surrounded by buildings and really missing nature. Monterrey is a big industrial city, sadly having a very high level of air pollution. Therefore, my impression of the city was not so good, although it had a lot of attractive places – the old town, the center, parks and museums. Anyways after few weeks of staying home, I got an invitation to go hike to the mountains. From that time, my journey of mountains has begun starting from small 2-hour hike and ending with almost 10 hours long hike.

“Pico Perico” is the name of the mountain with a long hike. We woke up at 4:30 am. No one of us had ever done this hike before, we only had an app with hiking roads, but surely all of us were super excited to see the sunrise. Therefore, we started walking in the complete darkness, with flashlights to see the obstacles beneath our feet. As we climbed every step seemed brighter, and as the clock showed we had 30 minutes left till the sunrise. We looked at the sky through the trees – a thick fog allowing to see 3 nearest trees next to you. However, we continued till the time has come. Nothing has changed, we were looking straight at the mysterious thick fog, which, by the way, was also exciting to observe. We kept going, until we reached the point with the most spectacular view. We were over the clouds – it seemed you could touch them with your hands, the Sun was brightly shining through, the humid fog kept rising and slowly disappearing touched by the trees of the mountains. Every other step was breathtaking in all meanings. We were tired, but so grateful for such view. However, it was not the end, so we continued until we reached the place we had to continue climbing like babies in order not to fall back. The ground was humid and slippery and all the road was covered by small rocks that were rapidly sliding down if touched. It was the hardest part I have experienced and it continued for like an hour. Next step was a steep part to climb with help of a metal road. We did not have any equipment, so some of us though it is too dangerous and did not climb. Others were courageous and reached the end together with some other Mexicans met on the road and came back with wonderful souvenirs of the view. The way back was not that easier as I thought. As we were wearing simple running shoes, the feet were feeling every rock on the road, which were endless. After few hours, we were down ready to get back home. I did not reach the top but I was not disappointed, the way seemed dangerous, so I was happy to have chosen not to risk and ready to come back some day with a better physical form and experience to reach the top. But for this time, I was just thankful for everything that I saw and felt relieved after a really good long sport activity.


Hiking gave me incredible experience in all aspects. Firstly, I was able to practice the languages I know with my hike companions, every step made us work as a team, caring for each other and finally, we were able to enjoy the beautiful nature. It seemed to me, that Monterrey mountains have an enormous variety of different plants and other creatures. You could observe cactuses, colorful flours and a “sheet” of green lush trees from the top. Walking in the dark you could hear spectacular bird voices and during that time reflex with calm all beautiful things that happened during the semester and dream about those who are yet to come…

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