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Arrival and orientation
EAH Jena
50.918835, 11.569043
Topic Preparedness for arrival and settle in Germany

I would like to start by saying that it is not a very big deal or complication to settle down for student arriving at Germany to pursue his or her studies. It is a basic and major misconception of any foreign student that it takes time and a lot of effort to get adjusted to the new place and country. Unless you know exactly how things work here, it is absolutely organised to miss anything that is essential to start your student life in Germany. Prior to all, I would want clear this with the students arriving, No one is completely prepared, So be excited for your arrival here and not scared. Usually, Students tend to usually suffocate with things that are merely important. For example, they tend to pack things with all the possible things that they hold onto. I would say half your package could hold groceries that you will not get your hands on in Germany. Utensils can be basics. Even winter wears could be bought here in Germany, they would be of better quality than your home country. Hold some cash in your hand on your arrival it would be helpful. For the tickets, Ask your mentor or tutor assigned from your university. They would be able to book tickets for you for cheap rates. The essentials are the most important things. Have a checklist and make sure to verify with the same.

There are few essential things that are to be done when you arrive in Germany for the first time. First of all getting an accommodation is itself a hectic task. So, accommodation is the first priority for the students who arrive in Germany. I would recommend you to apply for the room in Studierendenwerk in the city with your application for the university. Arrive as early as possible before the start of the semester. You could also stay in a hotel if necessary and meet the respective people in the Studierendenwerk requesting a room. Do try to get contacts of any person from  your home country they could help you in your initial days in the country. Because, I had some friends here in Germany I could use their room for 10 days. I had to visit the Studierendenwerk every day for 10 days to get a room for myself.

The next important thing that you do in Germany is that you book appointment in three different places. Firstly, the bank, you must find a bank that is suitable for you and open an account as soon as possible. That way, you could manage your expenses or it would help you to release your money from your home country. Secondly, the Bürgerservice, In Germany a person has to register into the city saying that you live in that particular address. For this book a date after you have a contract of accommodation in that city. Also you’ll not need much of documents for this process. Lastly, booking an appointment for VISA extension interview with the Ausländerbehörde, this is the most important and the final process. There will not be much of a free slots available as there will lot of people looking to book an appointment. I would recommend a student to book an interview as soon as he arrives in the city. The date can be at least a month before the expiry of your VISA date. For this VISA extension you will need all the above documents from accommodation, bank balance to your city registration certificate.  These are some of the most important and necessary things to do on a student’s arrival in Germany. I hope it is helpful for the upcoming students.

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