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Conditions of study
Vienna University of Technology
48.1986546, 16.36846259999993
Topic Freedom in academic system

The academic system in Austria is very relaxed, I was very surprised finding that most students do not finish their Bsc studies in 4 years/ Msc studies in 2 years. Later I found out that this is because the academic system has almost no pressure. You are given instructions how much credits from each group you need to finish, and its up to you to select the courses, to manage their timetables. This allows students to have more personal choice where they want to specialize and because the universities are large and have many students the courses are available. However, this also brings issues such as you want to have a very interesting course, but it only has 15 places, and there are 50 students in your year, then if you missed your chance you have to try again next year, and this can delay your graduation. However, this showed another interesting way, you can start doing your masters courses before finishing bachelors if you are waiting for some course to be available.

The exams are also positioned more freely, this results in their timing being inconvenient to exchange students, because you as an exchange student will be back home when the exam should take place.

In Lithuania, the academic systems are quite fixed, due to financing model changing between studies is very difficult if you want to keep your free tuition. However, you can know which courses you will have even a few years in advance, there are no issues with timetables or place limitation in courses.

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