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Intercultural Challenges
Meet locals and internationals
Universitat de Barcelona
41.386608, 2.1640199999999368
Topic Life on the beach

I always thought that being alone is good, and it is from time to time to make everything clear in your mind. But there is something that is calling from inside to meet new people and have a nice time, laugh and very important thing to express myself (talking, writing, sports or doing what you love with like-minded people).

Social life is much more complicated than before, it´s always complicated in many ways, just to meet new people might be challenging. Everything closed, cities remind ghost towns a little bit cuz there are just a few people.

Finding the right place is also important, from the first day that I came here I knew there is an amazing beach, a lot of gardens and parks. Those are places to have a good time, I find it strange to put like this, but just seeing people made me happy. The interaction was kinda straight forward, be open to new experience and don't be afraid to ask and join, or what/how they are doing something. My thing was slackline that I learned in Lithuania, so seeing someone with similar interest just spiked my emotions, and it's impossible to just pass what you like and find familiar. Others read books, play volleyball, juggle, runners they are multiplying every second, bikes, skate, dances, rollerblades so if you had some long time forgotten dream you can learn right here right now. As I'm writing this it's already the end of November, the weather is the best that I had in ages, long sunny days, not too cold.

Also from what I heard its common to make classes now on the beach or open spaces to prevent Covid spread, someone even invited me to party while I was on the beach, it is normal here to join or invite someone if you are interested, no worries, very warm people.

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